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Go Karting in Garrucha

13 Jul

It occurred to me that I haven’t written much recently on things to do with the children that both adults and kids can enjoy.  During the summer, it has to be said, all they really want is pool, beach, water park and they are happy as anything.  Occasionally, though, it is fun to do something as a family before dinner, when it has cooled down a bit.  The great thing about Go-karting is that if you have a mixed range of ages in your family they can all have a go as they have tandem karts where the tiddlies can go with a parent.

Garrucha is on the way to Mojacar or Turre, both great places for dinner and so this is the perfect time to go.

In the height of the season (July and August) they are open from 11. a.m until 2 p.m.and then again from 5 p.m. until midnight (so you could have dinner and then go afterwards when it really is lovely and cool – and dark, but of course floodlit!). Check out more at the website, here.

If you are not keen to have a go yourself, you can have a drink and watch your party from the terrace.  They also have trampolines and a couple of pool tables for those waiting for people to finish racing.

It is open all year round but closes at 8 p.m. other than summer and Easter.

There are two tracks, one for older children and adults and a smaller track for tandem karts or children aged between 5 and 10 years.

Prices vary according to which kart you have, but under 10’s pay only 6 euros, tandems are 8 euros, disabled (kart with accelerator and brake on the steering wheel) 10 euros and then 10 and 15 euros respectively for  children over 12 years/adults for F-200 and children over 14/adults for the F-300.  All races last 8 minutes, which doesn’t sound a lot, but believe me it is quite long enough for anyone!

Go Karting Garrucha Telephone number is: 950 460 207

Horse Riding in Almeria

23 Mar

When I was young I used to go horse riding quite often over a period of a few years, summer and winter.  I loved it and my sister and I would go together – she was always much better than me but it was something we loved doing.  The summer evening rides were the best ones – when the sun was setting over the lush, green fields and then towards September, still warm enough to ride in the evenings, seeing all the bales of hay in the fields.

Second best to that (and only because of lovely memories of my sister)is to go down to Mojacar beach and have a lesson at the riding school, Cueva del Lobo,  which is bang on the beach – there is something about being on a horse and being able to hear the waves rolling in, and feeling a warm, salty breeze on your face.

Last time I went out for a ride, we went up into the hills behind Mojacar and just trekked for an hour in the peace and quiet, in and out of the narrow little streets and then onto the rough tracks and paths through the hills themselves.  It is a great thing to do and you don’t have to be a particularly confident rider to enjoy it as on this particular ride, there was no galloping, just a bit of trotting and the odd canter.  I have not ridden for years and years and I really enjoyed it and if you are holidaying here, it is something different to do one day.

Also close by is Rancho Luz del Sol who have a selection of beautiful horses available to ride in a rural setting.

There are several other places to go riding, a little further afield, where you can go for a trek and have lunch before coming back, but that is for the more serious riders among you.

Cueva del Lob Riding Center (Mojacar) 950 478 991

Rancho Luz del Sol (Partaloa) 678 838 547

Vera Water Park

10 Feb

I had to go down to Garrucha yesterday and it prompted me to mention the Water Park which you pass on the way. It made me smile because my last blog was about ski-ing so you couldn’t get two more different activities – but it is worth including as it is another fantastic thing to do with the kids here during the summer holidays.

It opens late in May until September and is also really good value for money.  The park itself is just immaculate, with staff cleaning up all the time – there are plenty of sunbeds with shades, or if you prefer you can just lie on the grass under the trees.  There is a pretty good restaurant and bar that serves salads and pasta as well as all the usual stuff for lunch or you may prefer to take a picnic as there are loads of nice places to sit and relax.

The other thing I like about it is that it is not so huge that you risk spending half the day looking for each other, whilst still having enough slides and swimming pools, plus a wave machine, that you will easily be able to spend a whole day here with no problem.  It is suitable for little ones as well as teenagers so great for mixed age groups.  But having said that, I had a brilliant day with my brother and his girlfriend and my gorgeous nephew, Oliver, and I don’t fall into either of those age groups!  So I will say suitable for parents too!

Vera Water Park Telephone number: 950 467 337

Mini Hollywood – Oasys – Tabernas

22 Aug

Almeria is known for its history as a film location not just for spaghetti westerns, but many other epic Hollywood films had scenes which were filmed here.  2001: A space odyssey was not filmed here but the moonscape scene seen through the window of the spaceship is actually Almeria!  Hence there is a great park here called Oasys – formerly Mini Hollywood.

Spain's most wanted man

It is near the Tabernas dessert around an hour from here and is a fantastic place to visit for a day out.  There is a western film set where they do a couple of shows a day with horses, wagons, shootings, hangings (all good family stuff!), a vast zoo where there are many many beautifully cared for animals in decent sized habitats, with rocks, waterfalls etc and immaculately kept, and a couple of decent sized swimming pools to cool off when it gets too hot (so take your togs with you and leave them in the car).

Zoo time

There are plenty of ok places to have lunch, or you could pack a cool box with a picnic and leave it in the car til lunchtime and then take it to one of the swimming pool areas and relax for the afternoon.  It really is an enjoyable day out but quite a lot of walking is involved so take pushchairs for toddlers if possible and plenty of coffee stops for the older generation.  I guarantee though everyone will have a good time.


Telephone: 950 365 236