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La Montana Restaurant and Bar, Bedar

1 Mar

A few weeks ago, on a chilly and (unusually) rainy night here, our lovely friends John and Heidi invited us out for dinner to a restaurant which they had been to on a number of occasions.  We had heard of it, but had not managed to go there yet!  It is way up in the hills, beyond the lovely village of Bedar, around half and hour’s drive from here in El Campico (which on our roads is nothing!).  It was Friday night and so we were all in good spirits and looking forward to the start of the weekend.  We still get “that Friday feeling” here, as Mick works office hours all year round and I kind of have a 9-5 work “around the house and garden” ethic when I am not looking after guests.

Off we went on our little journey, and we noted how wonderful the drive would be once the evenings were light, later on this month.  We arrived at La Montana, situated in a little clearing, at the top of the hill, next to a big barn.  It immediately looked cosy and inviting, and once inside I knew that it was my cup of tea.  There is a gorgeous little bar, which the local residents have clearly embraced, as there is not much else nearby.  The restaurant consists of two or three intimate and subtly lit rooms, not a thing common in Spain, and a warm open fire with logs smouldering away.  It put’s you in mind of an upmarket country gastro-pub.

We decided to go straight into a main course – often when I visit a recommended restaurant where the food is really good, one is tempted to tuck in a bit too much to the starters which always takes the edge off ones appetite. I was very glad that I stuck to a couple of olives and an aperitif!


I had the roast belly of pork with red cabbage which was sensational. The others had lamb which was equally fantastic but there is something for everyone on the menu.  It is not cheap, nor over the top expensive and actually because the food is so good, it is very good value for money.

We all had dessert – also absolutely delicious (though because I didn’t write them down, I have forgotten exactly what we had, only that they didn’t disappoint!

La Montana is open for lunch too, as well as tapas and they have live music outside during the summer – phone to check out when.

It is somewhere that we will be going back to very soon – maybe when the clocks go forward!

La Montana, Bedar telephone number: 670 589 788


Miramar Restaurant, Bedar

15 Jun

Last night was our friends, Cal and Matt’s last night so we decided to take a little trip up into Bedar.  There are two very good reasons for going there.  The temperature is beautifully cool at night, it is quite high up and usually there is a very light breeze.  Secondly, the restaurant El Miramar (Mirror of the Sea) is just fantastic.  The menu is usual Spanish fare but it is the position and the view which are the main reasons for going there.  Mirror of the sea indeed – on one side of the terrace you are surrounded by mountain views – on the other, miles and miles of countryside, and then the sea.  It is simply gorgeous.

Last night was no exception – we had a table on the busy little terrace and drinks were brought immediately.  (Actually, you can just go for a drink if you wish).  The menu is consistently good with lots of choice.  It is pretty much grilled meat of fish for mains, done very, very well andCalsaid that he hadn’t had chips like this in years!  There are plenty of good starters as well – a few choices of soup (the traditional fish soup is delicious), gazpacho and soup of the day, salads, calamari etc.  It is good value too – expect to pay 25 euros for two courses with wine and coffee – we didn’t have any pud, but again there is plenty to choose from.

One has so much choice around us, that sometimes we forget about Bedar as a possibility – it is only 20 minutes away, and after last night it is definitely back on our top 10 list of restaurants.





Miramar Restaurant, Bedar telephone: 950 469 308


23 Feb

Sometimes, wherever you live, you can always find work to do around your home that stops you from enjoying your surroundings.  In London, I was always planning to go to this exhibition or that museum, and somehow, because you know it is on your doorstep you never get around to it.  It is no different here and at the cortijo there is always something to be done, fixed, painted etc. etc.


Anyhow, on Sunday we downed tools and went up to a lovely little village about 20 minutes from here called Bedar.  It is set high up and to get there you take a lovely scenic drive.  It is a very sleepy little village and whilst there is quite a large British community, (why wouldn’t there be, it is gorgeous!), it essentially is an unspoilt little Spanish village.  We have a friend who lives here and the view from his house is magnificent.   There is also a fantastic restaurant here called El Miramar – (Sea view being the literal translation) – you are high up and in the distance, you can, indeed, see the sea!  Take a trip up here just for the lamb alone – very delicious and extremely good value.  There are lots of little villages around Bedar, all worth an afternoon exploring with stops for Café con leche, and then on to the Miramar for a sun-downer and dinner.  Roll on summer.