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8 Sep

We have some guests staying at the moment who like combining beach holidays with a bit of exploring – September is certainly the month to do it as it really has cooled down (I think it is only about 80 degrees today!) and therefore is conducive to taking leisurely drives to hilltop villages.  One of these that I always recommend is a gorgeous little town called Sorbas.  There are three good reasons for visiting here – the beautiful old fashioned little town itself – a typical white Spanish village on top of hill, reached by a tiny, winding little road which circles its way to the top; the wonderful array of pottery you can find here (and visit a working potter); and the caves, which are found just outside the town, with their amazing stalactites and stalagmites and just experience the coolness inside.  If you have never seen caves then this really is worth a visit.

When you reach the village, it seems like you are going back in time (like many places around us) – it is uncrowded, untouristy and you can just wander around the charming streets, popping into the odd grocery store where no-one is in a hurry, or ending up in the square for lunch or a drink in one of the two restaurants there.

Sorbas is very easy to get to from here, and you can still cram in a long afternoon at the beach as well.  It is one of the things I love about this area, there are loads of really interesting places to visit which don’t take a whole day and you really get to see how very simply some Spanish people still live.