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3 Apr

I have the family with me for a couple of weeks so today we planned a morning at the market at Turre, a lovely little town about twenty minutes away from here.  It is the most fantastic day – and could be summer time already.  Turre is bustling today – full of atmosphere and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine.  The market itself is set around a pretty town square and there is something of a French rather than Spanish feeling about it – I don’t really know why.  I like the market here – it is less frantic than the one at the larger town of Vera on a Saturday and also there is a brilliant second-hand book stall – if you return your book in good condition you only have to pay 1 euro 50 cents or something like that.  They have a great selection too of the kind of books I like to read (i.e. not all holiday books!).


We wander through the market at our leisure, stopping to make a few purchases and just soaking up the morning.  We pop into my friend, Beth, the hairdresser and make appointments for all the girls on Tuesday – we will go for lunch at Adelina’s at the top of the main street afterwards.


When we have had enough of a mooch,  we pop into one of the many bar’s on the main street for coffee and tostadas and orange juice as we set off from home this morning without any breakfast.  It is magic and reminds me again why I love living here – it has been quite a long winter for us too and now we can look forward to endless sunny days.


It is well worth visiting Turre for a relaxed and enjoyable morning if you are staying here – it is 10 minutes from the beach at Mojacar and so you can combine doing both without having to drive for too long or even make the 10 minute drive up from Turre to Sierra Cabrera to one of the fantastic restaurants up there for lunch.