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Ski-ing in Sierra Nevada

7 Feb

If you are a bit of a winter sports fan but don’t want to take a whole week’s holiday ski-ing, you could do worse than combining a trip here with a mid-week break in Sierra Nevada.  At this time of year, and from late November, while driving to Almeria City you can see the snow capped mountains of Sierra Nevada (it literally means snowy mountain range!).

Sierra Nevada is a two hour drive from the cortijo, and so is perfect for people wanting to make a base here and then go off for two or three days ski-ing.  We can hold your rooms here at no cost on the nights you are away.  The ski-ing there, whilst maybe not as challenging as other European resorts, is perfect for intermediate skiers and beginners alike, whilst still being enjoyable for the advanced among you as there are 50 red runs and 9 black runs.

One of the other attractions is that being Spain, it does not cost anything like the more traditional Swiss, French and Italian resorts.  As said, you can drive there in less than two hours from here and if you are not limited to skiing at the weekends, well so much the better.  The season here starts usually at the end of November and runs until end of April.  Visit for a complete guide to ski-ing here.  Then come back down to the cortijo for some relaxation and some home cooking.