Harissa Dressing

15 Aug

I use Harrisa all the time – this recipe is from Delia’s summer collection and is put in my blog especially for Janet Wood, one of my lovely guests staying at the moment.

It is dead easy, cheap as chips (unlike the ones you can now buy in supermarkets) and you can obviously make as much or as little as you need.  I sometimes put in a small slug of vodka for no other reason than it gives it a tiny alcoholic kick (oh dear).

It will keep happily in the fridge for a week so if you have a bit left over it is lovely with barbequed or grilled fish such as Bream (Dorada as we in Spain call them), or even with a good rib eye steak.  Normally I will use it on a roasted vegetable cous cous salad – throw in some melting brie and some leaves on the top and you have a great dish for vegetarians.

To make enough for a huge dish of cous cous use:-

4 oz good olive oil

Juice of two limes (lemon is good too if you don’t have

limes in the house – why does one always have lemons, but not limes)

2 tablespoons of cumin – absolutely essential for this, so if you don’t have any you will have to go and buy some!

A teaspoon of cayenne pepper

2 tablespoons of tomato puree

A pinch of sea salt

I just throw everything into a clean jam jar and give it a good shake – then leave for a few hours for the flavours to develop.

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