La Posada del Candil – Seron

17 Aug

Sometimes, when we’re feeling a bit ‘desert-ed out’ we say ‘let’s go and find somewhere new’  which generally means inland as we have driven quite a distance along our coast.  On one of these days, Mick remembered a place that he had read about called Seron so we thought we would head off there.  It is around an hour’s drive from the house but as always driving here is a doddle as there is virtually never any traffic on the motorway and the roads thereafter.

Seron is set high upon a hill and is an ancient little town which seems to sell nothing but, well, ham!  There is the ham factory, the house of ham, the family ham shop and ham interiors (well I made that bit up).  But seriously this is obviously what Seron is famous for.  It is a lovely little town though and provides cool relief in the summer and a good little excursion with a beer at the end of it.

We came across a fabulous Casa Rural – a sign for which we came upon when heading up to Seron itself.  To find it, you take the turning before the town and drive up and up and just when you are thinking “where the bloody hell is it?” you are on top of it – literally.

It is called La Posada del Candil and has undergone major renovation – I mean big time.  They have obviously spent a fortune as it is very very classy and immaculate. The view is astonishing and puts one in mind of being in an Alpine forest in Switzerland rather than dusty Spain.

La Posada del Candil

When we arrived it was clear that they had a massive party arriving any time soon – the tables were all beautifully laid out inside and there was lots of activity going on in the kitchen.  We were starving by this point and so I sought out an official looking dude and fell at his feet asking please for a menu and a small table.  He laughed and said that if we wouldn’t mind eating on the “porch” (actually the fabulous terrace with the view!) then he could provide a simple meal for us.  Our rubbish spanish came in very useful as not a word of English was spoken, as you might imagine.

The view from our table

We ordered delicious wine by the glass, ham (of course) and then another load of stuff which we weren’t entirely sure what we would be getting!  But we kind of knew that this was a pretty special place and that it would all be good.  It was – fantastic skewers of meat, sausages, chorizo, lamb chops – all done on an outside barbeque in the car park – a meat fest really so if you are vegetarian I wouldn’t recommend it unless you aren’t hungry and only want to look at the view and drink!

Buena vista!

Another clever little touch is that on their card they include the co-ordinates of the location so sat nav is easily done and numpties like me won’t get lost.  It is rather remote to say the least.  They have rooms here too which I would say is a must if you choose to go for dinner – the drive would be very dark and a bit scary and it is too far to go for dinner.  Lunchtime is a different matter though.

As we drove down the hill again, we were met by a string of cars containing the party – I think it was a wedding party as they were all glammed up to death.

Anyhow, check out their website in addition to our pix shown here.  Another visit is definitely due.

La Posada del Candil telephone number: 696 388 561

3 Responses to “La Posada del Candil – Seron”

  1. Carol Parkin August 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Just had a fab lunch at the Posada, what a find! We had Ensalada Posada, lettuce,apple,goats cheese,red pepper and serrano ham. Followed by mixed meat done on the barbecue. All cooked and presented to perfection. No room for postre!

    Will definitely be taking our visitors here in the future.

    • Kim Horrod August 23, 2010 at 10:43 am #

      Let’s go there when we next come. Looks fab x

      • Gail Harris August 27, 2010 at 11:48 am #

        Get over here soon – although I imagine it is just as lovely on an autumn day!

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