It’s Margarita time!

1 Sep

Bank holiday Monday evening and Mick and I are alone again (apart from Kevin and Digby of course) – our 10 guests have left and it is eerily quiet – we sit at the bar waiting for a breath of breeze and drop in temperature of a degree or two.  Mick is making me my favourite sundowner – Margarita.  Ironic really as I am unable to drink tequila on its own since 1990 when I had one too many tequila slammers and threw up on Lesley Churnside’s new shoes – things were never the same between us after that.  Anyhow, let’s not dwell on it, dig out your cocktail shaker, smash some ice up and see what is in the drinks cabinet.  For this one you will need:-

50 ml of silver or gold tequila

25 ml of fresh lime (although I use much more than this as I love the taste)

20 ml of triple sec or cointreau

Sling everything in the shaker with the crushed ice, and here’s my twist, add some fresh mint too, it is delicious

Rub the rim of a chilled glass with a wedge of lime and then dip into a saucer of fine salt.

Give the cocktail shaker a good old shake and strain into the glass.  Sublime.  Happy bank holiday.

One Response to “It’s Margarita time!”

  1. Stuart Horrod September 2, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    My favourite sun downer too! x

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