Restaurante La Cabana – Mojacar

6 Sep

My blog today is dedicated to my dad – it is a very simple Argentinean grill on the main drag on Mojacar Playa but it is my dad’s “favourite restaurant in the world”.  We will be taking him there the week after next – he would go straight from the airport if he could!  The staff are great and we have been going there for 7 years and never had a duff meal yet.  It is a large, no frills, airy place, with a terrace for warm nights.  They have the best Argentinean beef ever, rib eye, sirloin, fillet and rump and it is fantastic value too.

La Cabana outdoor terrace

They serve chirichurri, a kind of chilli tapenade and blue cheese with brandy with hot bread first so you have something to nibble whilst you decide which cut to have.  They do gorgeous rack of lamb and chicken and vegetable kebabs too, together with huge platters of salad with everything in them so perfect for vegetarians (although I grant you not many vegetarians frequent La Cabana – why would they?).

My mum always just has the salad and pinches a tiny piece of steak from each of us as it is too much for her.  The other thing they do fantastically well is big fat chips and really that is all you need – we never bother with a starter and rarely have a pud so it ends up being like the most sumptuous fast food place and if it is just Mick and I, we are in and out within an hour which always makes us laugh!  But mostly we go in a large party of friends or family and everyone loves it.  If you are down here it is simply unmissable and I bet you go there more than once!

La Cabana telephone number: 950 615 179

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