Rincon del Puerto Restuarant & bar, Garrucha

13 Nov

This is probably our favourite restaurant in Garrucha.  It is fantastic in the summer particularly at night, as you sit right on the water and have the benefit of the sea breeze.  The menu is great – loads of fresh fish as you would expect, big salads, and a great selection of all kinds of shellfish.  They do an all year round trade here, both because of the food but also the superb location.  Sunday lunch in a crowd here is hard to beat – endless platters of food to share over several hours, sitting in the fresh air and not being ripped off!  You can pretty much come here at any time of day – coffee in the morning, lunch, drinks in the afternoon or before or after dinner, or dine up until midnight if you want to.

Great for tapas

If you come and eat at 8 pm you will probably have the place to yourselves – the Spanish in seaside towns don’t tend to do the after work drinks thing as they do in the cities, and as we do in the UK.  Those who work in offices will be at home until 8 ish and then start to go out – have a walk along the promenade with their families and then eat late – no-one really starts work here until 10 am and children are frequently kept out late (even though they have school at 8.30 am!).  All through the winter you can enjoy sitting outside at lunchtime on many days as it is nearly always warm enough as long as the breeze isn’t too strong.  At night time, there is a bar and very smart restaurant inside in which to have dinner – whatever the time of year you decide to visit,  you will be guaranteed a good time.



One Response to “Rincon del Puerto Restuarant & bar, Garrucha”

  1. LISA BERRYMAN January 28, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Hi there,

    Just found your site through goole and noticed that you talk about the Rincon del Puerto restaurant in Garrucha.

    Have you had the patatas rincon? My Husband adores them and I have tried on several occasions to make them just by guessing the ingredients! To no avail!!! You wouldn’t happen to know the recipe would you? Or even maybe able to get the recipe please!!!

    He can’t wait till august till we come back and he has them!!!

    With Many Thanks


    Ps love your website.

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