Huercal Overa

9 Jan

On one of the days before Christmas, we all went off to Huercal Overa, a town about 20 minutes from here.  It is an attractive little town, with a population of around 16,000 and is where we go if we are unfortunate enough to need the hospital – a huge, fantastically modern one!


One day when my family were here, we decided we needed and drive out, some fresh air and a walk and then would find somewhere to have lunch.  Huercal Overa has several lovely little squares and a very large one – it is an interesting place to have a wander – there is a theatre and a cinema as well as lots of great places to eat and drink.  It is cold when we go, so we have a good mooch around the shops and then pop into the theatre café for some coffee and hot chocolate before finding somewhere for lunch.

A crisp but cold day in Huercal Overa

We decide to walk to the main square where we know a good Spanish restaurant – all restaurants offer a 3 course menu del dia for 10 or 12 euros, sometimes less, but all we want is something casual today.  We order a variety of pizza, chicken and pork dishes with glass of vino – all very good and great value.  I am just thinking it is another meal I don’t have to make – as you know, I love to cook, but not for 9 twice a day!


There is a great Christmas market here during the week between Christmas and New Year (they  celebrate Christmas on the 6th January!) so good to visit then for something different to see even if you are not in the market for shopping yourself!


As you enter Huercal Overa from the motorway you will notice vast amounts of pine trees which were planted some years ago – it is the first forest in the area for 500 years and takes on a kind of alpine look but really is beautiful and stands out from the dessert like landscape of the region.


Huercal Overa is lovely to visit any time of year so look it up next time you are here.






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