Citrus Jelly for grown-ups!

17 Jan

This is the most fantastic and simple dessert – I particularly had my super slim sister in mind when I tried it because she just isn’t a pudding person and just likes unmessed about with food and likes things like fresh watermelon to finish a meal.  This is one of Nigel Slater’s simple supper recipes which I saw on television before Christmas, and had made a mental not to make it for her (and then forgot) – wonderful for us because I still have an abundance of oranges left from the end of November.


They keep beautifully in an airy basket in a cool corner of my kitchen and so I just squeeze them when I want them, or make a bit more marmalade or just put a slice in a Campari and soda.  Anyhow, this recipe calls for a litre of orange and grapefruit juice plus the juice of one lemon.  I used 2 ruby grapefruits to make up the litre.  It gives you enough for 4 decent sized puds, but simply double it if you are having a larger bash. It takes no time at all if you have an electric juicer, but if you have an extractor, make sure all the pulp goes into the pan too.  In fact, if you are making it for a dinner party, why not make it the day before, put it in the fridge and forget about it, as you don’t want to risk not leaving enough time for it to set.  It is very very zingy, hence why it is for grown-ups – but it is also good for slimmers too as it just contains a bit of sugar, and no fat whatsoever if you leave the cream alone!


You will need

Juice of oranges, grapefruits and a lemon to make up a litre

5-6 sheets of gelatine (I used 5 for a more wobbly jelly but I think I might try 6 next time for a slightly firmer set)

2-3 tablespoons of sugar (or to taste)

10 crushed cardamom seeds crushed

6 decent slices of orange peel from the juiced oranges


Put the juice, peel and cardamom seeds into a pan and bring to a simmer.

Add the sugar to taste and simmer for a few minutes

Remove from the heat and add the gelatine and dissolve.


Strain into glass dishes – single ones are so much more elegant and then easier to serve too.  The amount I have used would stretch to six medium portions – I used 4 huge stemmed glass dishes!


Refrigerate for at least a day.


For the finishing touch…..


Take more slices of orange peel and slice very finely

Put in a small pan and add some granulated sugar – a couple of heaped tablespoons

When the sugar is melting and turning golden, add a tablespoon of water – careful as it will splutter

Empty the contents on some baking parchment and leave to harden


When you are ready to serve, break into pieces and place on top of the jellies.


This is just so divine it stands up on its own, but of course you may like to serve with a little bowl of whipped cream on the table.  I just know I will make lots of this during august as it is so refreshing and light.  But it is brilliant at this time of year too, when you have eaten a big roast dinner, or a steak and kidney pie!   I urge you to try it.


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