Bbme Beach Bar, Mojacar Playa

19 Jul

Ok, it is now seriously hot and all we want to do is go to the beach.  Unfortunately we can’t as my job is to look after lots of people who can!  However, on Sunday after running around, serving and clearing breakfast, tidying up, making sure the hounds were walked and happy we eventually went off at 2 catch a few hours reading and swimming – it was so warm really the only place to be was by the sea as there is nearly always a breeze.

Mojacar beach is not the quietest beach around but we like it as there are many, many great beach bars here as regular readers of my blog will know and also only 20 minutes away.  One of our favourite bars is a serious chill-out place, bbme.  Ok, they have actual BEDS in the restaurant – it is just fantastic – you can have your lunch and then go and lie down and go to sleep or sip a cocktail and read.  I have been quite tempted on occasion to actually move in here for week’s holiday as they pretty much stay open all night anyway.

The food in all of these beach bars generally is pretty good, and they cater for more or less everyone.  Even if you are vegetarian they can normally make up a great big salad for you and leave out the tuna if you are really really vegetarian.  Order a lovely glass of ice cold Tinto Verano (summer wine) while you are waiting – it is a little like Sangria but I think it is nicer, and not so heady as ordinary wine.  Be careful though as it does not taste very alcoholic, but is still probably 4 or 5% so drivers beware.  During July and August, I recommend finding your place on the beach and then immediately going to book a table for lunch at 1.30 – Spanish people all eat at 2 pm and so if you get there a little beforehand, you won’t need to wait for tables of 20 Spaniards to order and be served.  If you don’t book, don’t expect to eat until 3.30 or 4 pm!

If you only make one trip to Mojacar beach, make sure you visit this one.


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