It’s cocktail time…Cuba Libre

16 Aug

It is so hot at the moment and Mick and I have had a couple of days at the cortijo on our own.  We have been working hard and even when people leave there is always a lot to do to keep on top of everything.  At the end of the day, on occasions, we feel we deserve a sundowner (not every day of course!).  It is nice for a change to our usual tipple of a glass of wine or a G&T to make up a cocktail from one of our cocktail books or to experiment with new ones.


This one, however, needs no looking up as it is so simple and very refreshing on a sweltering evening by the swimming pool.  Also, it is not to potent as there is only one shot of alcohol (lots of our cocktails contain at least 2 or 3 different alcoholic ingredients!).


Try this one for yourselves – it doesn’t even need a cocktail shaker!


To make one cocktail


2 shots dark rum

A good slug of freshly squeezed lime juice

Coca Cola (I must say that no other cola will do for me – diet coke obviously reduces the calories)

Lime wedge to serve


Pour the rum and lime juice into an ice filled highball glass and top up with Coca Cola and Stir.  Garnish with the lime and a couple of straws if you like and sip away.

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