Angus and Hereford Steak Restaurant, Garrucha

28 Oct

As a lot of you who have been here know, we are very lucky in the vast selection of restaurants near the Cortijo – within 5 minutes away to 25 minutes – that is usually our limit particularly if we are going for dinner.   One in the middle, 15 minutes, is the Angus and Hereford Steak Restaurant – it is just fantastic if you are a carnivore.  It is on the main road into Garrucha, known for its fish restaurants.  It has no view and one purely goes there for the food and the service, both of which are always great.

Obviously it is known for its fantastic steaks (clue in the name!) but you can have an array of different main courses, including a fantastic rack of lamb or a huge mixed kebab on a skewer to name a couple.  They also have a decent selection of tasty starters, but really, a salad is more than enough as they serve you warm bread with alioli (garlic mayo) and chimichurri sauce (chilli and oil) so unless you generally have a massive appetite I would forego anything else.  All the cuts of beef are divine – I usually have a rib eye steak – but the sirloin and fillet are also excellent. They make lovely big home made chips too, so with a glass or two of Rioja and you are all set.

The staff are always glad to see you (obviously!) and the service is really attentive.  At the end of the meal, you are always asked what drink on the house you would like (not a dodgy liqueur either), whatever you like.  Although not the cheapest place to eat here, they have kept their prices the same for the last couple of years, and certainly you would be hard pushed to get a better steak anywhere. If you haven’t been there yet, I urge you to give it a whirl.

Angus and Hereford Restaurant, Garrucha telephone number: 950 460 588




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