Minnie (now Cleo) the Podenco has a new home

11 Jan

It was a sad day for us on Monday but a good one for Minnie – our friend Alan (Canon!) Bennett has been thinking about getting himself a canine companion for some time and after having met Minnie at our Christmas party, decided that it was time for a decision.

We all went for a walk on Saturday to see how they got along (Mick and I have been walking her on the lead and she is becoming quite good).  She is a real beauty and is going to be one elegant dog.  At the moment, like all puppies, she is full of life and quite a handful, but has her really good, calm moments and I think will make a very good pet for Alan.  I, of course, cried my eyes out when they left, but Minnie hopped in the back of Alan’s car quite happily and off they went.  She will miss us for a while, as we miss her, but long term undoubtedly she will be very happy with Alan.

We have become, unsurprisingly, very attached to Minnie and were adamant that she was not going to go to a rescue centre.  I had been in touch with an amazing girl who rescues Podencos on a regular basis, and finds homes for them.  She was going to help us with Minnie, but obviously we are delighted that after a month at Cortijo del Sevillano, we were able to home her locally where we will be able to see her thrive and grow.

Here is a picture of Alan and Minnie, now Cleo, in her new home – I wonder who is going to be the boss!

3 Responses to “Minnie (now Cleo) the Podenco has a new home”

  1. Sue Saunders January 11, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    Wow she looks so healthy now – it will certainly be a lot quieter now she has gone but good on you for finding her a home – long may she thrive and be happy xxx

  2. Kim Horrod January 11, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    Oh I am so glad, and actully Chloe suits her really well. I hope she and Alan will be very happy together!

  3. Damiti January 11, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Am sad for you too but happy Minnie will be happy ( Cleo ) and will make your friend happy too.

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